love in heaven and love on earth


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love in heaven and love on earth


the way love in heaven affects life on earth within each Undulation and between undulations


the most significant acts of love, the ones that affect us most profoundly here and now, were acted out in heaven


overwhelmingly great individual acts of love enacted in heaven have next to no noticeable effect here on earth


it is the compound accumulation of those acts across staggeringly large numbers of undulations which has produced, and is producing, every desirable thing we are experiencing


if you want to imagine some of what eternity holds in store for us try this exercise...


the lover brought First Generation into existence through Compelling/Inventive/ and Sacrificially-creative love and, see also, Picture Page 4 of picture pages 3000


the function of 1 x 1 continued through collective love, again because of the compelling/sacrificially-creative love that the experience of heaven produces


bringing Second generation (yourselves) into existence was done through an act of collective love and it is the second most profoundly significant event of eternity


it was enacted by all who inhabited heaven at that time and it is something that will be experienced by all who attain heaven


the lover's terrible love smoothed out all of the possible wrinkles which could cause people to commit murder


2nd generation is a procession that will lead to either 50 000 000 000 or 100 000 000 000 couples being brought into existence for all Different classes of man-shaped beings


two beings who are, to all intents and purposes, as one (Soul partners)


in the first instance, this came through in earthly evolution as the dinosaur class of being


the personality traits of females are the result of acts of love that were formed in heaven


further, those acts of love take on both personality and physical form when the attributes of collective love are transferred to earthly evolution


the original pair of soul partners came through the dinosaur class of being and were the first pair of 50 000 000 000 or 100 000 000 000 couple's who will flow through the dinosaur class of being


the dinosaur class of being's were also the first of 100 000 000 000 different classes of man shaped being's who will emerge as a result of unique acts of collective love which makes its magic felt and produces and/or enhances the unique traits in our own personalities




as time unfolds new and evermore appealing physical attributes will adorn the man shaped-being and compliment the uniqueness of our individuality




it is currently believed that there are twice as many ethnicities in the dinosaur class of being as there are in the mammal class of being




the next significant collective act of love enacted in heaven resulted in the physical and personality attributes of mammal woman


mammal woman's shape and personality produces a deeper feeling of love for and from their progeny, which is generated through breastfeeding, and hair for visual appeal as well as keeping the heat in the body (most of which is lost through the top of the head) for those periods of evolution when we were living in cold climates


it can be seen from the above pattern that two new pairs of soul partners in the dinosaur class results in one new pair in the mammal class


it is safe to assume that there is an increasing ratio...


further, it is thought, but not known, that as the function of 1 x 1 continues it will find expression through 2nd generation's as a three-person reproductive mechanism and not as a two person reproductive condition as it is at the moment




now the exercise; try adding two physical attributes to a mammal woman or man that would make her or him so physically appealing that the thought of marrying a woman or a man without those two new physical attributes is as unattractive a thought as is the thought of marrying a woman without hair or breasts


indeed it must be the case that there is at least one pair of soul partners in the class of being that follows our mammal class that have the physical features that this exercise is trying to get you, and the writer, to imagine


the difficulty in trying to imagine new enhancements for each new class of being is because they do not come from a single mind


new enhancements come from an act of collective love by 100 000 000 020 beings in heaven with the lover at the helm




it is hoped that this insight into the way heavenly love translates back to events here on earth will produce the feverish desire to be part of the endless wonder of love/life and that becoming part of it is merely a matter of keeping abreast of the writer ethically for a love-length (currently ethical parameters)


if your desire for an endless desirable existence is as great as you say it is, doing what is being asked may well seem too easy


keep that sentiment in mind and ask yourself why it is that some people find it too difficult